Looking for simple goods?

In the heart o' the Rocky Mountains, beautiful things are seen and made.
I was born and raised in Montana and I enjoy getting out and exploring its dramatic landscapes with my husband and three kids.  We are lucky enough to have nature all around us, and everything that I make is a reflection of that.

Like the RIVER EDDY earrings that are made to mimc the swirl of countless eddies that have inspired me while fishing and rafting.

The timeless craftsmanship found in horse tack, that I simplified in the BRAIDED REINS earrings.

Or the LEATHER FEATHER earrings in their subtle beauty. 

By using genuine Montana Deer Leather, my goods are durable, lightweight and super soft.  In all handmade items, each is unique, and I take my time to carefully hand-cut and match each pair of earrings.  All ear wire metals are nickel free.  All packaging materials are made of recycled paper.

I love being able to take advantage of all the wild places under the Big Sky and I donate 5% of the proceeds from RANGE DRY GOODS back to wilderness every year.  
Thank you for supporting the growth of my small business in the big state of Montana.

>>>-----> Heidi

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